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Android apps on Windows 11 won't assist Google Play Services

ketosublime  Android apps on Windows 11 won't assist Google Play Services

Although Microsoft proven the leaked show adjustments about Windows 11 managed to drop some surprises today, some are good, some are bad, and some are simply confusing. The fact that the Windows 11 replace will help Android apps may want to truely cowl all three cases.

While the thought of ​​being able to get entry to your favored mobile apps on a computing device or laptop might also be appealing, the truth that the capability will solely be supported by Amazon's Android ecosystem might also dampen enthusiasm a bit.

It would possibly surprise some that Amazon owns the Android ecosystem, and that is part of the problem. E-commerce giant Amazon's Fire platform is really based on Android and is most absolutely viewed on its Fire tablet. Amazon's Android app platform does have get admission to to a lot of Android apps however unluckily many important apps aren't there, mainly Google's apps.

The reason is simple. Amazon's Android platform and units are now not Google certified and, therefore, do not have get admission to to Google Play apps and services. The Amazon Appstore is practically a competitor to the Google Play Store and is on an equal footing with Android app stores from Huawei (pre-HarmonyOS), OPPO, and, technically speaking, even Samsung.

However, extra than simply apps and the Google Play Store itself, this means that Android apps that will run on Windows eleven might not have get right of entry to to APIs and facets that many people may additionally take for granted on their phones. This includes location, security, cloud storage, and different features that some Android apps use. In different words, there will be apps that may not be available or won't work in Windows eleven truly because there might not be Google Play Services there, at least no longer officially.

Microsoft and Amazon's announcement nonetheless leaves many questions unanswered. In the large Android ecosystem, there is additionally an unofficial way to set up Google Play services or its equivalent on non-certified phones and ROMs. Whether this will be feasible on Windows 11, however, is additionally uncertain, and we will probably understand greater in the weeks and months leading up to the launch of Windows eleven 

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