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Best Logo Maker App for Android Phones and iPhone Best Logo Maker App for Android Phones and iPhone

It can be stated that the brand is an identity, both a product brand and an individual. Logo will be very useful to assist customers or the everyday public in terms of perceiving the photograph of a product, company, or individual. Therefore, many agencies are competing to use a brand that is as pleasing as possible, some are even willing to spend up to billions of dollars simply for a logo, for example Pertamina. Best Logo Maker App for Android Phones and iPhone

LogoImage Maker App by way of

But it's no longer easy to create a logo! Yes, this is right, that was when the world used to be still in chaos barring the auspices of the Sunda Empire. But now, making a logo is easy, you don't need to use a computer application, you can now create a emblem the use of an Android smartphone or iPhone. Interestingly, the use of a emblem advent application on a mobile phone is even simpler. Equipped with templates and enhancing features, you can rapidly create a appropriate logo.

Want to attempt it yourself? Please simply use the advocated logo maker application below:

Logo Maker Shop

This app is handy for iOS. Its use is pretty famous even although it is not categorized as a ought to have. Here you can enjoy 1000+ templates that make the emblem creation manner easy. You can mix them with extra than 200+ to come up with unique designs. You can even add symbols and coloration adjustments to suit the brand.

Unfortunately, the custom abilities are a bit confined here. This application service is additionally paid, so make certain to put together a pocket if you desire to use this one.

Logo Maker – Logo Creator, Generator & Designer

This software is accessible solely on the Android platform. This brand maker application is arguably pretty famous and has been used through extra than 200 thousand people. The idea of using it is pretty easy, you only need to combine the a number of photograph elements provided with the writing you make.

Using the pick out and drop method, the brand advent process is truly less complicated to use this application. The app is free to use however provides top class selections for extra professional features.

Logo Maker Plus – Graphic Design & Logo Creator

Many human beings mistake this Android app for the same as the apps discussed above. But actually, this utility used to be developed by way of a exclusive developer.

This application, which has been used via greater than 160,000 people, was once chosen because it provides extra freedom. You can choose to create a enterprise logo, YouTube thumbnail and use picture sources outside of the supplied templates.

Unfortunately, to revel in these wider features, you have to be willing to spend a premium. Fortunately, many top class paid critiques are worth it.


This software from iOS is genuinely extra aimed at drawing paper and editing software. But many professionals take benefit of its features to create logos.

Unlike many different emblem makers, you can create 2D and 3D snap shots and combine them in this application. The mixture of these mediums can produce a logo that is greater unique and attractive. Unfortunately, the use of this software is no longer very intuitive, you are advised to look for video tutorials to use all its features. But if you are used to it, you can create a first-rate logo.

LogoScopic Studio – Logo Maker

The emblem maker software reachable on iOS is well-known for its minimalist format concept. If you want to create a brand with a present day minimalist theme, this application affords a complete vary of features. Starting from texturing, picture editing, templates, shapes and many customized options, you can take full benefit of it.

Keep in thought that this app presents both free and paid services. For expert needs, it is tremendously encouraged to use a paid service.

Logo Maker DesignMantic

The application to create the next brand has the identical idea as LogoScopic however solely serves on Android devices. This software gives various templates that can be changed and developed in accordance to your needs.

Because you are involved with minimalist design, you are more involved with colors, shapes, fonts and their combinations. The alternative of the usage of a combination of imported snap shots and snap shots is nonetheless now not available here.

Logo Generator & Logo Maker

This utility for Android Device has a Logo Generator feature. This capacity that AI will try to create a emblem robotically and you can absolutely press the generate button. You can alter the outcomes of this AI advent if there is something that appears like your vision. This characteristic actually helps the brand introduction process.

As for different features, in this software you are free to make edits primarily based on the a number of on hand template editing options.


For those of you who favor to create a logo with pixel art, this application is best for you. Dotpict is handy for Android units for free and is pretty popular for this purpose. You get the freedom to create snap shots with various pixel equipment and all of these are easy to use.

Thus the list of applications to create a emblem on Android and iPhone that we can recommend. Thank you for studying this article and appropriate good fortune with the logo introduction app above! 

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