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Best Video Compress App for Android and iPhone Phones  Best Video Compress App for Android and iPhone Phones

Video has become a famous content because it can furnish visuals and audio. However, now and again you have subject when you send a video because the video size is too large so that it fails to send. To remedy this problem, you want a video compress application. That way, you can compress movies and send them easily.  Best Video Compress App for Android and iPhone Phones

VideoImage Compress Application via

Even via the use of a video compress application, you can additionally use it to compress movies stored on your android, so they can have free space. The purposes supplied are quite a lot, so you can select which one is appropriate and effortless for you to operate.


The VidCompact utility has a pretty excessive score on the Google Playstore of 4.5. You can use this popular and used compress software for Android to compress movies besides having to fear that the first-class will decrease.

You can compress many video formats, such as MKV, MP4, WMV, MOV, and many more. This utility also gives different points such as enhancing videos, trimming videos, renaming videos, converting videos, and changing audio frequencies. Even the system is pretty fast.

Shrink Vids

This one software is additionally quite giant in value, which is 4.5. With this utility you can shrink and compress video files. You can adjust the compression energy with the aid of choosing the bit fee and file resolution. To make certain the fine of the image, you can check it in the preview function section.

You can also compress a single file, a couple of files, even all albums in accordance to your needs. For different features, there is also a function to delete the unique video, for a easy interface, as nicely as work with 4K video.

Video & Photo Compressor Pro

This software is used for iPhone developed via Chen Wang. The value of this utility is additionally pretty excessive which reaches 4.6 which ability that many people use it.

Video & Photo Compressor Pro is used to compress videos without any time limit. Even the compression process is pretty quickly and has the fantastic fantastic due to the fact it includes a high algorithm. This application is very supportive for several formats, such as MP4, AVI, 3GP, MPG, and so on. There is additionally the option of being in a position to preview the storage before processing it.

Video Compressor & Merger

This video compress application is used for iOS and has pocketed a cost of 4.6. You can easily function this utility because the interface is pretty simple and can produce correct video quality.

With Video Compressor & Merger, you can cut, merge and rotate videos in accordance to your needs. Even you can compress not solely one file however several files. The points furnished are in the structure of a preview function, keeping metadata, bit rate, and so on.

Video Transcoder

The rating for this Video Transcoder is quite high, which reaches 4.2. This application is used for android and is very supportive for a variety of types of video formats that are widely used, such as MP4, AVI, GIF, WebM, FLV, and many more.

You can compress videos with this application rapidly and easily. The app additionally has the open source program Ffmpeg which the app uses to transcode videos from one layout to another.

Resize Video

Android You can additionally use Resize Video to convert and compress video files. Where this software has a rating of 3.4.

You can use this app to reduce and eliminate components of the video that you do not need. It even permits you to add music in the video. The movies that you compress can additionally be shared on social media, such as Facebook and Gmail and so on.

Some of the pointers for the video compress utility are predicted to help you compress videos with right satisfactory on your Android and iOS. 

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