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Galaxy Note 21 Ultra - Saved or Not - Review

ketosublime Galaxy Note 21 Ultra - Saved or Not - Review

Galaxy Note 21 Ultra - to notice or not to notice

 Will it be the Galaxy Note or not?

The future is still up for debate, and there are rumors that Samsung will be interesting.

Galaxy Note series connected after Galaxy S series reported

It supports S Pen, but an anonymous Samsung official recently told the site that the rumors aren't entirely true that there will be a Galaxy Note in 2021, so Note fans are happy and all is well.

Back to normal. Samsung ended the Galaxy Note series until Ice Universe decided to tweet this a few days ago.

ketosublime  Will it be the Galaxy Note or not?

The image was featured in a tweet saying End.

Galaxy Note with translation, which originally meant the end of the Galaxy Note. To be honest, I am not going to make videos on this topic since there are many popular reports on this topic. One day, a report stated that they were canceling the Galaxy Note and a few days later another report came out that contradicts previous reports.

But since many of you asked me about it.

My opinion is that they have already finished observing the galaxy and if so.

In regards to Samsung executives saying they will not finish the Note line, I have a few updates on the subject. In fact, Samsung responded to this with a statement that they said they remain committed to the Galaxy Note line. They say and I would argue that Samsung made a bold decision to expand the S Pen experience.

ketosublime Galaxy S21 Ultra

As an alternative to Galaxy S21 Ultra that users can make

Enjoy one of the most popular and favorite features from our Notes category. But that doesn't mean Samsung isn't tied to the Note category, but rather that it's working to expand the Note experience across all device categories. To provide the best mobile experience to all consumers. We take our customers' opinions very seriously.

Provide feedback and reflect it in our advanced products.

Innovation: Basically they don't say yes or no, and it might be a business strategy to stop people waiting for the Galaxy Note 21 and getting the Galaxy S21 Ultra to boost sales. But in terms of the overall scheme of things, they say they're still sticking with the Note range, which is a good sign.

ketosublime  Galaxy Note 21 Ultra

 Galaxy Note 21 Ultra

Now for another possibility, Ross Young said Samsung may not launch a Galaxy Note 21 or Ultra, but it will launch a Galaxy Note 20 Fan Edition called Note 20 FE this year instead of the Galaxy S20 FE. Samsung due to its great benefits and positive feedback from Galaxy fans.

So it makes sense for Samsung to repeat this with the Galaxy Note 20. And to be honest, we'll have to wait at least a few months to see if they make the Galaxy.

Note 21 Ultra Tell me what you think in the comments. see you always

Tomorrow.. Peace

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