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LG foldable smartphone review

ketosublime  LG foldable smartphone review

LG foldable smartphone review

What is happening to the reputation of the big players among the top smartphone manufacturers, especially after they have made great strides with their flagship phones? Big companies like Samsung are outperforming small companies like oneplus, which are making more waves. So they wanted LG to be the theme of their mobile lineup. So LG created a project explorer and showed interest in trying the idea again from there. Developed foldable smartphone with extended screen at CES in January

LG foldable smartphone review

It is said that the LG phone could be the first such device to hit the market. This is another step in the evolution of the phone. After years of promoting the same mailbox design, the design transcends foldable phones that have appeared in recent years. Therefore, the phone industry is eager to try different shapes and concepts to relive the excitement.

LG is expected to be one of the few companies in this category to lead this innovative new technology. However, it turns out that LG's foldable smartphone may not make an appearance after all the new reports from South Korea's trusted Yonhap news outlet show that LG may cancel its foldable smartphone project. did. The report, citing industry experts familiar with LG's activities, said the company had hired a supplier. This includes Chinese screen maker Boe, which is developing a foldable smartphone project.

Foldable LG smartphone

According to LG's own earlier financial report, the cause is believed to have been LG's complete exit from the smartphone business. The company's wireless business has suffered an operating loss for the last 22 quarters. This was an operating loss for 22 consecutive quarters. I can think of any other business that helps keep some of the five and a half years running smoothly. Nearly $5 billion in cash over 5 years is interesting. It is said that foldable smartphones will be phased out.

LG made a difficult statement. An LG spokesman and I asked for a quote. I have confirmed with a future mobile product that I can clearly deny this decision. And if analysis of that statement shows that never doing it isn't outright denial, it doesn't seem very convincing. It didn't happen or wasn't considered. But in the end you can't decide. When it is reported that LG is selling a mobile phone business, it is still difficult to deal with LG's first words as their representatives have denied all reports.

He plans to exit the smartphone business, but a few days later LG's CEO sent an internal memo to an employee saying the company was looking into all possible actions. The future of LG's smartphone replacement program, such as stopping sales or reducing the smartphone business, looks uncertain in terms of the future of the smartphone business as a whole. LG's exit from the mobile business is bad for consumers.

As a result, Samsung loses a competitor and Android becomes mainstream. And we all know how monopolies work. Of course, customers will be offended by her words. Let us know your impressions in the comments section. As always tomorrow.

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