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Official Galaxy A72 Review - The King of Value

ketosublime Official Galaxy A72 Review - The King of Value

Galaxy A72 Official Review

A few days ago we

Samsung has added the following key features to its popular Galaxy A lineup:

The upcoming Galaxy A72 and A52 will be the first Samsung phones.

A mid-range phone with a 120Hz high refresh rate display on the 5G version.

The 4G model comes with a 90Hz display, however, it seems that the high refresh display isn't the only major feature in the Galaxy A lineup. Samsung is also water resistant.

The IP rating of the Galaxy A52 and A72, a feature unique to the Galaxy S phones, and

Pay attention to the configuration so far. According to the new information, both the Galaxy A72 and A52 have an IP67 waterproof rating, which means that you can submerge the phone for at least 30 minutes while submerged in 15cm to 1m of water.

ketosublime Samsung Galaxy A72

Samsung Galaxy A72

It's not just formula one.

Roland Quandt Galaxy A72 renders reveal what the Galaxy A72 will look like

Both the front and back are the same with the Galaxy A52. Also color options.

The same, however, some specifications will be changed, according to Quandt, the Galaxy A72 also has a telephoto lens, but the A52 does not. If this is true, this is also the first time.

Samsung's mid-range phones come with telephoto lenses. will be different

The screen size is 6.5" versus 6.7" and the battery capacity is different, 4500mAh versus 5000mAh.

In addition, the appearance of the camera is different, as the Galaxy A72 has a 64MP main camera.

12MP wide-angle camera, 8MP telephoto lens, and 2MP macro lens, but most importantly, Samsung has now priced the Galaxy A72 more competitively. According to the European retailer, the 4G version of the A72 starts at €449, which is €20 less than its starting price.

Galaxy A71

ketosublime Galaxy A71

Galaxy A72

Interesting, it doesn't seem like Samsung can.

From the latest information we are launching a 5G version of the A72, so it looks like the A52 will be available in both 4G and 5G, while the A72 will only be available in the 4G version. In addition, both the A52 and the A72 have a microSD card.

The card slot and headphone jack were not found on flagships when Samsung introduced the Galaxy S21 last month. It is not clear if there is a charger in the box or not. But other devices said there will be no charger in the box in the future. They are not likely to ditch the charger from any of the mid-range phones. But don't be surprised if you do.

ketosublime Galaxy A72

But like both pioneers

This phone will receive major software updates for three years. Samsung is expected to release both.

Mobile phone at the end of the month, of course, with these words, tell me

Do you think? With features and functions

Do you think the A52 and A72 are worth the money? Or do you think you should

Does the 4G model have a better processor than the Snapdragon 720G?

Please comment and tell me how.

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