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Photo Background Editing Application on Android Phones and iPhone

ketosublime  Photo Background Editing Application on Android Phones and iPhone

Now there are many best photo editing applications on Android you can choose. Most people emit a variety of purposes, for example, some are to apply for jobs, or some are just for fun. With so many applications, you will certainly be confused on which to use.

Photoage background application via

However, it is not necessary to feel confused because there are below the recommendations you could take into account. Of course, using an application like this, you do not have to bother you to go to a photographer just to make a background change.

So, what are the recommendations here? Let's see the description further!

Auto Background Changer

Released by Stylish World App, this Auto Background Changer has thousands of downloads on the Play Store. The number of people who download this application is because it is very easy to use, coupled with the application size that is too small.

You can download Auto Background Changer with a size of 10 MB only and this will not make your storage memory problematic. As the name suggests, this apk is intended for those of you who want to change or remove the background from the photos you already have.

Emoji Background Changer

With this photo background editing application on your cellphone, you can edit photo backgrounds filled with emojis. So that makes your photos look more expressive than usual. The apk developed by Judi Studio is indeed quite sophisticated which has machine learning that makes it automatically delete the background of your photos.

Even though you edit a lot of photo backgrounds, you don't need to worry because this apk has more than 50 emoji backgrounds that will make it easier for you to edit and choose which one you prefer. For information, you can try to find this apk on the Play Store.


Using a mediocre photo background editing application might make you bored because the background is just like that. But with MagiCut you can further explore editing capabilities. This is because this apk is quite different and has complete features compared to other apks.

One of the most popular features in MagiCut is of course double exposure, which allows you to combine two photos at once. For example, your photos and also landscape photos so that the results look like silhouettes.

PicsKit Photo Editor

This photo background editing apk is also no less complete in features, moreover the process is based on layers or layers. You can change the background automatically and edit it using some of the interesting features in this apk. One of them is like a face shape changer feature if you are not satisfied with taking your photo.

The addition of the bokeh feature in this apk makes your photos look like edited by a professional with their DSLR camera. The most interesting thing is that PicsKit Photo Editor also has more than 200 filters such as glaze features, sun blinds to cartoons. This is where you will feel satisfied with the results of photo background editing because of the many interesting features.

Cut Out

Cut Out is a background editing application that has a simple appearance, this makes users don't need to be confused when using it. Although the appearance is fairly simple, the features are still interesting to try.

There are various manual editing features that you can use, especially for those of you who are still beginners. This apk is arguably quite decent, even the downloads alone have reached more than 1 million times on Android.

Photo Background Changer & Eraser

Furthermore, there is an apk that is also quite popular among content creators, namely Photo Background Changer & Eraser. Here you can do photo editing by removing the background in one tap, quite simple and easy to use for sure.

Then there are many backgrounds that you can choose from, such as landscapes and the like. For business owners who want to create attractive image designs, this application is also very suitable.


The name is very easy to remember, in this apk there are also various editing features that cannot be underestimated. Not just removing the background, you can even edit photos using a variety of unique filters and templates that are made in such an interesting way.

You can edit photos like a painting by using the Drip Photo Effect feature. In addition, if you are confused about what filter to use, just click on the Shuffle menu, then this application system will automatically change photos to be cooler.


Among the many photo background editing applications, you can also use AutoCut. Just like other apks that provide the feature of removing photo backgrounds, in fact, in this apk, several other editing features are also available. Even so, the appearance of AutoCut is indeed simple, so as not to confuse users when doing their editing work.

As is known, AutoCut also provides several other interesting features as well as a diverse collection of stickers. If you want to upload photos on social media with some edits, maybe you can use AutoCut as an alternative.


The next recommendation that can be used is Instasize, where you can get this application for free on the Play Store. Edit photo backgrounds with other photos you have, here are also hundreds of themes that you can try out in the photo editing process.

Starting from random backgrounds, themed food, nature to the classics. You can also add other effects such as contrast, filters to lighting.

Auto Background Remover - Background Changer

To remove the background on a photo by using this application, you can do it effortlessly. Because when a photo is entered, this apk will automatically remove the existing background. Of course, there are more than 50 super-aesthetic photo backgrounds that you can create yourself.

To make it more interesting, you can even adjust the level of contrast, brightness to saturation. Then please share the edited photo to your social media accounts. Download the apk for free on the Play Store, the rating of this apk itself is quite good which indicates that the features are quite complete.

Of the many applications above, which one might interest you? Of course, all apks have their advantages and disadvantages, so you have to find the right one with full features. Now you no longer need to be confused when choosing a photo background editing apk, because with the 10 apk above you can determine which one you want to try.

The ability to edit with the best photo background editing application on Android can be sharpened to be more qualified. Because who knows in the future this ability will be very useful and can make you earn a lot of income.

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