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The best Android voice modifier application

ketosublime  The best Android voice modifier application

Prank a friend on the phone, why not? Every now and then we can work on friends or the closest people to change their voices while dialogue by telephone with them. That way, they will think that strangers call them.

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To be able to do this, of course you need help from this voice modifier application. Here we present a list of the best voice modifier applications that you can try. Want to know about anything, see this article full!

Change your voice

Change my voice is a very special voice modifier application. With this application you can change the sound to be similar to the sound of cats, human machines, megaphones, and various other sounds. Through this application, you can also change pitch, dexterity, and amplification. This application also shows the power to accommodate your voice on the VU ratio.


Have fun playing pranks on friends over the phone? You can try the Truecaller application. This application can change the sound in real time. There are many cool voice features in the Truecaller app: Phone Caller ID, Spam Blocking & Chat. This app can change your voice over the phone so they think they're talking to someone else.

Voice Changer with Effects

This application serves to change the sound with better quality. In addition, by using this application, you can also change your voice into many variations of sound, for example the sound of helium.

There is also another feature of this iPhone voice changer application, which is that you can enter your own voice recording and then convert it to be your own ringtone! So, you can use your own voice as a ringtone when there are notifications such as SMS and others. Isn't it fun?

RoboVox Voice Changer Pro

Changing your voice to sound scary, funny, to changing music and many others you can do by using the RoboVox Voice Changer Pro application.

This application also has an attractive appearance. But to get this application you have to buy it first. Although there are also free ones, in the free version, this application only provides a few sound features. Obviously different from paid applications that provide more than 32 voice features.

In addition, after changing your voice to be a little "weird", with this application, you can also share it with your friends via Soundcloud!

Voice Changer - Super Voice Effects Editor Recorder

Want a voice changer application that is practical and has a voice changer feature to be like a Superhero? You can try this one voice changer application, namely Voice Changer-Super Voice.

In this application there are many features to change the voice, one of which sounds like a superhero. There are about 20 superhero voice features that you can take advantage of.

It's very easy to use itself. you only need to record sound using this application then you select the effect you want.

Voice Changer- Androbaby

Want to change your voice to sound like Chipmunk, Helium, Smurf, or other funny sounds. This voice changer app has various funny and cool voice changing features.

In addition, this application also has an easy-to-understand interface. So you don't need to be confused when using this Voice Changer-Androbaby application.

Voice Changer

This application serves to change your voice with any type of sound. Sounds that you can use include the voices of Chipmunk, small children, parents, there are also human bot voices such as Google's voice.

Not only that, you can also use effects on your voice, such as adding horror sound effects.

That all you can do easily through this application. The trick, just open the application then click the “record audio” button, then add the sound effects you want!

Voice Changer Sound Effects

For those of you who want to change your voice with cool and interesting effects, use the Voice Changer Sound Effects application. Not much different from other voice changer applications, this application can also change your voice into a cool voice!

This application already provides a variety of sound effects. You can choose sound effects such as Helium, Hexfluoride, Fast, Slow, Cave, Chipmunk, Monster, and many more. In addition, the voice that you have changed, you can directly share or save on your smartphone. Simple isn't it?

Helium Voice Changer

Do you want to change your voice to be like after inhaling Helium? Just try this Helium Voice Changer or Helium Voice Changer app!

This application has the advantage of a simple display that makes it easy to use by anyone. After changing the sound, you can share the results with your friends through various applications.

Best Voice Changer

The next application provides 3 easy ways to change the voice. Starting from choosing a man-machine sound effect (Google voice), speed up, or slow down, to increase the "echo" and "chorus", then add other background sounds to sound like at an airport or station. In addition, this application also offers a feature to prank your friends or closest people.


The application that has been installed more than 10,000 times on the PlayStore can also change the sound easily. The VoiceFX application provides a variety of cool, interesting, and funny sounds. Users can change the voice to autotune, Google voice, girl, boy, child, strong, double, Mask, Drunk, slow, Fast, Goat, Monster, Alien, Cave, Space, and many more.

Not only that, this application is also quite complete by providing features so that the results of your voice can be saved and shared with others. In addition, the results of the sound that you have changed can also be saved in mp3 form. Interested?

Gold Voice Changer& Voice Recorder

There is another voice changer application that is interesting, cool, and also funny, namely Gold Voice Changer & Voice Recorder, with this application you can use sound effects such as Google voice, Helium, Hexa Flouride, Drunk, Giant, Squirrel, Church, Alien, Nervous, little kids, voices in water, Ducks, spooky, and many more.

Not only that, this application also has features to change songs on your smartphone, Voice Generator, Voice Transformer, and also Voice Mixer. Curious to try all the sound effects features in this application? Let's download the Gold Voice Changer & Voice Recorder application on the Google Play Store application.

That's the recommendation for the best voice changer application of Ponselhub's choice. May be useful.

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