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The Best Camera Apps for Android Phones and iPhones  The Best Camera Apps for Android Phones and iPhones

The digital camera is one of the smartphone gadgets that is pretty often regarded when shopping for a cellphone. Especially for these of you who have a interest of photography. Smartphones with the exceptional cameras can truely produce proper photos too. But unfortunately, no longer all smartphones are geared up with best cameras, mainly for price range category cellphones.  The Best Camera Apps for Android Phones and iPhones

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The proper news, even even though the default digicam is no longer perfect, doesn't imply you can't produce pictures with the pleasant quality, due to the fact you can use the following nice digital camera applications for optimized shots.

Camera Zoom FX

If you like to capture moments spontaneously, the Camera Zoom FX application is the most terrific advice for you. Because this digital camera software has a speed burst functionality that can take 50 snap shots per second. Not surprisingly, this application is claimed to be the quickest and great camera application in taking photos.

In addition to pace burst, you can additionally find an picture stabilizer characteristic that features to prevent snap shots from turning into blurry. Not solely that, the fascinating features supplied by using Camera Zoom FX, you can also do guide control.


Who is no longer acquainted with this contemporary digicam application? The VSCO Cam utility is very popular amongst road photograph lovers. This is due to the fact VSCO Cam has pretty whole and beautiful facets for its users. In fact, this application can be stated to be the perfect digital camera for photograph processing.

Through the VSCO Cam utility you can take images like the usage of a expert camera. Because you can do the settings manually through adjusting the white balance, ISO, to exposure.


When you take pictures, you in reality favor to seem attractive, right? Don't even hesitate to edit photos in such a way to get rid of pimples on your face.

Well, this Cymera application is appropriate for dealing with acne problems that frequently harm photograph quality. Because, the Cymera application is geared up with an acne removal feature, so your face will look greater flawless when taking pictures.

Google Camera

Google does not seem to want to lose when it comes to exact digicam apps. Through Google Camera, you can enjoy quite a number elements to produce amazing photos.

Unmitigated, this Google Camera utility presents points Night Sight, Photosphere, Portrait Mode, Panorama, Slow movement video, to AR Sticker.

Camera FV-5

For those of you who are looking for more famous digital camera applications to produce professional photos, Camera FV-5 is the great choice. This app approves you to manually manage the camera comparable to DSLR settings.

With shutter speed, white balance, mild metering, exposure, and ISO that can be set manually, you can test in producing images via this application. In addition to a DSLR-like setting, Camera FV-5 is additionally geared up with fascinating features.


You must be familiar with the Camera360 application. Yes, one of the functions that is famous amongst android customers is blanketed in the high-quality digicam application.

With this utility you can do face editing via this application to get clean results. In addition, Camera 360 is also outfitted with other interesting features that are a disgrace if you omit it.

Bacon Camera

Another digital camera utility that you can down load is 1st Baron Verulam Camera. Although this utility was once originally intended for OnePlus One users, Sir Francis Bacon Camera has been used by way of many other smartphone users.

Just like other digital camera applications, William Maxwell Aitken Camera is additionally geared up with fascinating features that will make your snap shots better.

Footej Camera

The strongest motive why you ought to download the Footej Camera software is how effortless it is to operate. Even if you are nevertheless a layman, this utility can be without problems used. Interestingly, the Footej Camera utility makes use of the Camera 2 API which allows you to manually manipulate the camera.

Basically producing good pictures is no longer a problematic matter. If the camera on your smartphone is no longer perfect, a excellent digicam application can be a answer to outsmart it.

Well, this is the list of modern digital camera functions that you can try. With the interesting facets in it, you can produce photographs with top-notch quality even when the use of a smartphone. 

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