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The Best Keyboard Apps for Android and iPhone Phones

ketosublime The Best Keyboard Apps for Android and iPhone Phones

The best keyboard apps are very diverse. As we know, every touch screen smartphone has a keyboard. However, there are often problems that make you need additional application assistance.

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For those of you who are not satisfied with the performance of the default keyboard on your phone, then you can also use third-party applications on your mobile device.

Here are some choices of the best keyboard applications that you can use on Android devices, including:

Gboard - The Google Keyboard

One of the applications developed by Google with various interesting features. One of the devices that have used the app is a device from Nexus. However, for those of you who use other devices, then you can still use it by downloading this application.

Gboard - The Google Keyboard is a pretty lightweight app. The reason is, in this application it offers a view that is quite simple, broad, and uncomplicated. This one best keyboard application has also obtained a complete set of interesting features.

Starting from gesture typing, emoji found on Android KitKat devices and above, and sentence gesture typing. Everything you need in a keyboard you can find in this 5000 million application. You can download the Gboard- The Google Keyboard application for free through the Google Play Store service.

Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard

The next choice of the best keyboard application for Android is Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard. This application has several features that are different from other similar applications.

This application offers a variety of themes that users can choose from. Interestingly, the Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard application has a very practical and simple appearance.

In addition, in this application there is a tablet keyboard option as well as the option to move the keyboard to one side which is used on devices with a larger size. You can also use this application for free on your Android device.

Go Keyboard

This type of keyboard application is almost the same as other types of applications made by GO. This is because, not everyone likes this application, Go Keyboard is one application that offers a slightly complicated keyboard dock.

Even so, this application is enough to make you more flexible in typing. This application offers a variety of themes that can be changed according to your needs. In addition, this application also includes emojis and has been installed 100 million times by Android users.

Kika Keyboard

Another great choice of Android apps is Kika Keyboard. This application comes with a variety of innovations that are quite creative. Through this application, you can change the color, shape, and type of writing according to your wishes.

In addition, Kika Keyboard can also change the keyboard background by using photos found in your cellphone gallery. There is also a collection of emoticons that is quite complete and funny.

Facemoji Emoji Keyboard

Facemoji Emoji Keyboard is one of the most popular keyboard apps among Android users. In this application provides more than 3600 emojis to make the chat more interesting. In addition, Facemoji Emoji Keyboard also has a variety of emoticons, stickers, and GIFs.

Through this best Android keyboard application, there are also thousands of keyboard themes that you can download. You can also add your own photos to the keyboard which can make it more personal and attractive. There are also various types of quite interesting features that you can use.

Emoji Keyboard

As the name implies, this application comes with highlighting the emoji features found on the keyboard. There are more than 5000 emoji that you can use to send any message. Whether it's in email, WA, or regular SMS. Besides being complete with emojis, the Emoji Keyboard application also comes with various types of interesting themes.


For those of you who want to type fast on your smartphone, then the Fleksy application is the right choice. Even the developer claims that this application is the fastest keyboard in the world.

It is possible that Fleksy is the only application that can send images in GIF format. The same right with similar applications, users can change the keyboard theme according to their wishes.

Apart from that, this keyboard app also allows you to add vocabulary to the dictionary. The next advantage of Fleksy is that you can download the application for free from the PlayStore.

Chrooma Keyboard

Is the best application that you deserve to try. Chrooma Keyboard is claimed to offer a cool emoji keyboard. Adapting the color theme to the application used. In addition, this one application also allows users to activate the one-handed mode to type faster using only one thumb.

Grammarly Keyboard

The Grammaly Keyboard application is here to help its users write without any typos in any application you use. In this app provides features along with unlimited integrity.

Multiling O Keyboard + Emoji

One application that is quite stealing the attention. Multiling O Keyboard + Emoji offers many interesting features. As well as support for 130 languages, themes, floating keyboard, gesture typing and this built calculator.

GIF Keyboard by Tenor

For those of you who like to send GIFs to friends, then GIF Keyboard by Tenor is the right choice. Using this app you can find the right video or GIF to visually summarize what you want to convey, right from the smartphone keyboard.

Rocky Keyboard

The choice of the best keyboard application that is equipped with a myriad of features and tools. In the Rockey Keyboard application, there are more than 1000 wallpapers with more than 500 emoticons that you can use for free.

Among the 1000 wallpapers, you will also find wallpapers with very interesting 3D images. In this application there is also a feature that can make the keyboard background display transparent.

My Photo Keyboard

Apart from being the most complete keyboard application with various features, this My Photo Keyboard application also offers various advantages. One of them is able to display photos as keyboard themes.

Smart Keyboard Pro

This best application offers a variety of very good and complete features. Starting from T9 & Compact Language, Emoji, Auto Correct, and so on.

XR New Phone Keyboard

One of the applications that offers almost the same appearance as the keyboard found on the iPhone XR. In addition to having a fairly simple appearance, this application also has complete features. In addition to complete features, this application is one application that is quite light, which is only about 4MB.

You can use the best keyboard apps above on your Android device. These various applications can provide comfort when typing on your Android smartphone.

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