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The Best Matchmaking Application for Android and iPhone Phones

ketosublime  The Best Matchmaking Application for Android and iPhone Phones

Finding a companion is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand. Indeed, having a lot of friends does not guarantee that you can easily get a companion. Well, if you are having trouble finding a life partner, maybe you can try to find one through the application to find a partner that we recommend.

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This matchmaking application is indeed very easy to get a lot of friends. You can make friends with Indonesians or foreigners though. Moreover, the status of consumers of this application also varies, ranging from being alone, widowed, or widowed.

Although it doesn't guarantee you will get the companion you desire, it doesn't hurt to try it either. What are the famous matchmaking apps?

Zoosk Dating App: Meet Singles

Zoosk Dating App: Meet Singles is a dating application that has been downloaded and used by more than 500,000 android smartphone users. The existence of the Find your Love feature in this free dating application allows users to find companions from all over the world. So, you can get potential companions from Caucasians to oppas.

In addition, Zoosk Dating App: Meet Singles also allows users to choose a companion based on ethnicity, nationality, religion, body size, and other identities as desired.


Want to find a companion through a chat application looking for a mate? If so, you can try using the Tantan application. This tantan application is very popular for young users, because by using this application to find a mate, you can get people to become chat friends to a more serious stage.

The system to find friends is also easy, you just need to match the person you choose. When it feels right, then you can continue to bond more intensely and seriously with the chat method. If you don't feel like the person you've been looking for and chosen, then it's all up to you, whether you want to continue or not.


The application for finding a mate next is the MeetMe application, with this MeetMe application, you can meet various people in this world. That's right, with the MeetMe application you can chat with the aim of finding friends and even looking for companions. Well, if you have found the right person, you can determine the agenda to meet you directly.

You are advised to use a real account and real photos, so that there are no lies and all users of this application can get the person they want even if they only see the original photo on the account.


Tinder is a very fun application where you can make friends with many people. In this application, you can view photos of people who can be friends just by sliding the smartphone screen. If, for example, you already like the person in this application, you can give a "like" to the photo.

Tinder allows you to chat with people you like and share pictures or moments with them. You can download Tinder on the Android operating system via the Google Play Store. And for those of you who use an iPhone, you can also download the Tinder application through the App Store.

Coffee Meets Bagels Free Dating App

Want to find a partner through an online chat application? If you are looking for a partner through an online chat application, you can use an application called Coffee Meets Bagel Free Dating App. This application has the same purpose and use as other online partner search applications.

In this application, women will wait to be selected by men, on the other hand, men are free to choose women according to their wishes. If the women already have the criteria according to what the men want, now is the time for the woman to choose the man who fits her criteria.


Start dating through online apps, why not? For those of you singles who want to find a partner through an online application, you can try the OkCupid application.

Before you use OkCupid, you are required to register and fill in a few things about yourself. Like for example life thoughts, things to pay attention to when in a relationship, as well as your own views on life. After that, add your photo as your identity that can be seen by others.

OkCupid can be downloaded on the Google Play Store for free, but to use it, you must use an Android OS version above 4.0. if you are using an iPhone or iPad, to download the OkCupid app, make sure your iOS version is above 7.1.


To find a partner online, you can try the Happn app. This application can also be used for free for those of you who want to get a partner according to the desired criteria.

You will feel comfortable when using this application. In the Happn application, there is a feature that contains a timeline with various content containing users from the Happn application. You can also search for a partner who is the same age as you, so, are you interested in finding a partner through the Happn application?


It is known that this application has helped more than 1 million people to get married. As with other applications, this application can also be used for those of you who want to find a partner. Eharmony is one of the most trusted web and partner finder apps. You can get a partner and get married to the people you meet on the app.

This application is quite comfortable to use. You don't need to hesitate if you want to find a partner using this application. To be able to use this application, you are required to be at least 18 years old. To access eHarmony, you can access via the web or download from the Google Play Store for free.


This app is almost the same as Tinder. You can choose the people you want to chat with this application. However, before starting a chat, you have to match that person. That is, you have chosen that person, and that person also chose you to connect in MICO chat. If it's a match, you can start a chat with him.

In addition, MICO also has an interesting feature, namely the Play Together feature. In this feature, you can play together with other MICO users. So you can meet new people more easily. Another thing that is more interesting, you can do live streaming with MICO.


You haven't got a partner, while your friends already have a companion? Don't worry, you can find a partner through the Badoo app. This application is very popular and has been widely used to find a partner.

In fact, according to a study, Badoo has been ranked as the 136th most popular web in the world. Badoo also provides applications that can be downloaded by iOS, Android, and Windows Phone users.

Badoo has around 308 million users spread across several countries. So, you can make friends with people from abroad. Come on, immediately find your partner by using this application.

That's the recommendation for the best matchmaking application selected by Ponselhub. Hopefully it will be useful in helping you find a suitable partner according to the criteria.

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