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The Best MP3 and MP4 Song Download Applications for Android and iPhone Phones

ketosublime  The Best MP3 and MP4 Song Download Applications for Android and iPhone Phones

You must have a favorite song that plays according to your mood. When on a trip, on an activity, or even when you are sad and happy, there are many relatable songs that can balance your mood. Not infrequently also some people make their own playlists of songs so that it is not difficult to find their favorite songs again when they want to be heard.

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The good news is that now there are many song download applications available so we can listen to them without data or internet quota. Yes, if in the past there was a special website, but now the song download application is more recommended because it is very practical and more efficient. Which song download application do you have? Are the 10 recommended song download applications below on your favorite smartphone?


Who doesn't know Spotify? As one of the most popular song download applications, of course Spotify should be included in the list of recommendations this time. The download number which has reached 1M further proves that Sportify is in great demand by smartphone users. Not only Android devices, iOS can also enjoy downloading songs through this one application.

Spotify has a well-known music and podcast streaming service. If you want to save data, of course, you can take full advantage of the download feature. The daily subscription package is also relatively cheap, you know, so Spotify can be accessed without limits and ad-free. What is your favorite Spotify playlist?


Resso was released in 2019 and until now has been downloaded by hundreds of millions of users through the Google Play Store. Its functionality as an application for downloading songs has skyrocketed since the pandemic because it is very efficient and unique from other applications.

Resso offers pocket-friendly premium features and new ways to download and listen to music. Yes, we just swipe up or swipe down, then music from various genres is ready to be downloaded and listened to. No need to hesitate anymore with Resso's collection because this application provides complete songs from the old ones to the newly released ones.

YouTube Music

Want a lightweight but complete song download application? Then you must install YouTube Music. Its size, which is only 12 MB, makes YouTube Music very popular with smartphone users with billions of users.

YouTube Music has more or less the same look as YouTube. There is a search menu for popular music, music according to genre, to display music videos. All the songs that you download are stored neatly and you are even free to create as many playlists as you can. Interestingly, this one application can display song suggestions according to your mood and the ones you listen to the most.


No less popular, Joox also maintains its existence as a song download application favored by its loyal users. Unmitigated, Joox has also been tagged with the Google Play Store Editor's Choice tag.

The concept of Joox is also not just an application for downloading ordinary songs or streaming. Through Joox you can even join karaoke with your favorite songs with other users. Meanwhile, to be used as a song downloader, Joox will be ready to be used in the background of other applications so that scrolling or chatting is even more comfortable. Uniquely, this application also has a timer feature for listening to music that can start and stop songs according to a schedule, you know.

Music Downloader

The next song download application is Music Downloader. No need to pay additional fees for a subscription, Music Downloader can be used as an application to download unlimited songs 100% free. Yes, the database of more than 80 million song titles in this application is ready for you as a user to explore.

Are you bored and want to listen to Top Charts music? This application is ready to give the right recommendations. Millions of users have admitted that Music Downloader is very user friendly. Besides its attractive user interface, its size is also light because it is only 12 MB.


Who is the user of every 4Shared website version in the past? Before smartphone users mushroomed, 4Shared was popular and successfully used as a place to download mainstay songs. Now you can find the app version on the Google Play Store.

So far 4Shared is one of the applications for downloading songs with more than 50 million users on the Google Play Store. The menu and filtration provided by the developer in the search feature in 4Shared is very simple so that access is fast to download songs. Have you tried the 4Shared app version or not?

Music Sky

Talking about song download applications, of course, it's not complete without Langit Musik. This application from MelOn Indonesia is suitable for you fans of hits or popular Indonesian songs. Are you upset or in a bad mood? Don't worry, Langit Musik has a recommendation for a suitable song.

The download icon in Langit Musik appears immediately when you are listening to a certain song. This means that just by clicking the download icon next to the song title, you can listen to it later without internet quota. Don't know the lyrics of the song? Langit Musik immediately displays the lyrics when the song is playing. Very efficient isn't it?

Whim Music

Well, if this one is an application for downloading songs and podcast finder for free. Yes, Whim Music provides a search service for those of you who want to download the latest songs and listen to exciting podcasts that are currently hits.

Whim Music has a system that is no less quality than other song download applications because it also updates its daily collection. Even Whim Music also provides playlists for you to be more enthusiastic about carrying out daily activities.


Hundreds of millions of Deezer users admit that the audio quality of this song download application is very comfortable to listen to. There are at least 90 million songs that are ready to be explored and downloaded, so you are free to arrange as many playlists as you like.

Deezer is only 19 MB in size so it doesn't burden your favorite smartphone at all. To be used as a lullaby, Deezer offers a timer feature so that the song that is playing can stop automatically.


Simply by setting your preferred song preferences, Boomplay will provide complete recommendations for songs that are ready to be downloaded. There are more than 70 million song titles for you so don't be afraid to get bored. Interestingly, Boomplay also has a very exciting Buzz and Boom Games community feature. Have you tried yet?

Those are 10 recommendations for special song download applications for you. All of the applications above are guaranteed quality because they get high ratings and have millions of loyal users. If you are reluctant to subscribe to premium features, you can just stick to the basic version. By the way, which mp3 and mp4 song download application is your favorite?

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