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The Best PDF Opening Apps for Android Phones and iPhones

ketosublime  The Best PDF Opening Apps for Android Phones and iPhones

The PDF application has certainly become a very necessary and important application for many people. With this application, it is usually easier for people to download documents even without a computer or laptop.

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Advances in technology today certainly bring a lot of new things. In addition, the presence of smartphones with various specifications also provides behavioral changes for users.

Because the need for work is not only about documents with Microsoft Office formats. But also in PDF format. Well, for that, you definitely need the best PDF Reader recommendations.

The need to read documents is not only needed for office matters. But, also for students, teachers and many more. Meanwhile, there are several document formats available, one of which is PDF.

PDF Reader has a function to read documents with that format. It's easy, isn't it, because you only need to hold your smartphone. Simple and definitely not complicated.

For those of you who don't have an application to open the pdf, you can listen to some of the recommendations as well as the following explanation.

WPS Office - Free Office Suite for Word PDF

By using this WPS Office PDF application, later you can open documents in word file formats, spreadsheets, slides and even various other types of management tools with high functionality.

Not only that, you can edit, add annotations, signatures and convert files that were originally PDF to DOC format. If you want to send a large number of various document files to one recipient, WPS Office will also make it easier for you. Why? Because it has a feature that combines multiple PDF files into one.

In essence, it is necessary that you have an application with a system but can get a lot of features. For those of you who want it, just download it here.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Of course, a PDF with the name Adobe Acrobat Reader is able to open files. This Adobe dropout application also provides several features that will make it easy for anyone who uses it.

Not only can you open and read PDFs, but you can also share them with others easily, just by pressing the share feature. If you use this one application, there will be three modes that can be used to read PDFs. There is a single page mode, reading mode or it can be continuous scroll. The comment feature has also been neatly embedded in the application.

That way you can also cross out or mark important things directly on the file. Complete and easy right? Well, if you want to enjoy all the features and benefits, just download it here.

PDF Application Xodo

Xodo is an application for you to read PDF format files that can be used easily, practically and of course quickly. In addition, this PDF application also claims that it is able to work quickly and read multiple files on Android smartphones.

Not only that, but it can also edit directly and doodle like when you are writing in a book. Later, Xodo will also automatically sync in Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive and others. Are you ready to use this beneficial application? Just click here.

Foxit PDF

Everyone certainly also wants to use free applications without any fees. Well, with a PDF application with the name Foxit, it can also help in opening PDF documents. In addition to providing a free service, Foxit also has support with features that will provide various benefits.

Opening and reading PDFs has certainly become a major task for Foxit. But the feature for editing can be done directly on the smartphone. You as a user can rename, move, delete PDF or copy.

Cool again, Foxit can also play files in the form of audio, even video. So there is no need to worry when you want to edit using a smartphone. Foxit will also do tracking to see who has edited. Complete and safe.

If interested, please visit Google Play, get free and profitable applications.

Google PDF Viewer

From the name alone, it can be seen that this application belongs to Google. This application is not much different from the previous one. In fact, Google has provided an easy way when you read and open PDFs.

The most important thing is that this application is also connected to Google Drive. There are print and copy features. Guaranteed you will not regret if you want to try it. Just download it on the Play Store.

Google Play Books

Many know that the Google Play Books application is an application that is useful for reading books. Besides that, this application also has a function as a PDF Reader application.

The reason is that Play Books has the ability to open and read PDFs. Thus, book lovers can open and read without having to go anywhere. Easy isn't it?

In addition to being able to open these formats, Play Books also presents the EPUB document format. Immediately have the application here.

Phone PDF Creator-CamScanner

Can the scan application read PDF format? Of course, I can. This CamScanner application does have a position as a scan, but is also capable of opening and reading PDFs.

There is a feature that can import new PDF documents. That is, this CamScanner can make your books digitally in PDF format. Curious and want to try this PDF application, click the address here.

OfficeSuite + PDF Editor

OfficeSuite + PDF Editor is an Office application for phones with the Android platform. In addition, it also has a role as Office. In fact OfficeSuite + PDF Editor is also capable of being a PDF Reader. Because of this ability, in the end, you can open files and documents in PDF format.

With the OfficeSuite + PDF Editor application you can also edit. Can also provide comments and notes to PDF. If you are interested in having this PDF application, you can get it on the Google Playstore.

Polaris Office

Polaris is an application for its users to be able to read Microsoft Office documents, which includes PDF format.

The existence of this feature will give you convenience because you can directly edit with the tools. Not just reading but also can scribble. Immediately, don't hesitate to have this one application by downloading it here.

PDF Reader

The size of this app also doesn't take up your phone's storage. So no need to hesitate to have this one application. Because this PDF Reader is the best solution if the phone you have has minimalist specs.

This application will also help to manage every PDF you have. Even the speed in opening the application is also at a satisfactory speed. If you are interested in having this PDF application, download it from now on here.

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