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The best video call application for Android phones and iPhones

ketosublime  The best video call application for Android phones and iPhones

At present, the video call application is increasingly needed as a means of long-distance face to face communication. Not only that, many people and office workers need this application to meet or work interviews. So that with the increasingly rapid technological advancements, we can also feel various conveniences.

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In the past, to be able to make video calls, you must have a computer. Unlike today, we can enjoy all the advanced features only through cellphones. In fact, video calls are also considered to have low costs because they can use Wi-Fi networks for free. Well, if you want to know, here is a list of applications that you can try.

WhatsApp Messenger

This popular chat application also provides a video call feature. Often known as WA, this application does not only function to chat with contacts available on mobile phones. Even users are very possible to make video calls with relatives and family members.

Even WhatsApp also provides a video call feature in the form of groups. Currently the features available in it are increasingly diverse. Including funny stickers that can be made yourself according to the wishes of the user.


Of course you are already familiar with this one video call application. Skype is an application whose name is already worldwide. In fact, Skype also makes special applications for Android devices with various other operating systems. Until now, Skype has been downloaded by more than 250 million users spread all over the world. For several years, the developer has always tried to add various interesting features to this video call application. For example, services to send SMS as well as voice calls.


This application is now increasingly popular because it is often used to conduct various online meetings. Even the most interesting thing is that Zoom can be used to conduct video call sessions with up to 100 members. What's more, the video display quality available in this application is also HD with the support of a fast server connection.

So, when you make a call or an important meeting with a number of people, you don't need to be afraid that the meeting process will be disrupted due to lag. To make interaction between members more dynamic, Zoom also provides a chat column during the meeting.

Google Meet

This application, which also offers a video call feature, is superior because of the encrypted security that is applied to every video call session. That way, sensitive data concerning personal and company can be protected safely from spyware attacks. Google Meet also includes an application that is easy to use. You only need to share the link, then anyone who clicks on the link will be automatically joined. But that person must be connected to the Google account email.


Actually HOLLA is a dating application, but in it there is a feature to make video calls. Because in concept, this application relies on video calls instead of chatting like other dating applications. So, you have to match your partner then you can make video calls. This application is very exciting for you to try.

Because it's an exciting challenge for both people who don't know each other yet but have the courage to greet each other via video call. Click here to get the HOLLA app.

Just Talk

One application that provides easy video calling features is Just Talk. This application is suitable for making video calls both for video chat and video group calls. Actually, these two calls are the same, it's just that for video chat, it means that the user only makes calls to one person.

While video group calls, users can make calls together. Not only that, in this application there are also various interesting features. For example, changing the video background, sending stickers and even sending videos is also very possible.


Tango is a video calling application with very good image quality. Even the developers continue to develop this application by adding more complete features. For example, the addition of voice calls and messaging services are getting more complete.

Through video calls available in Tango, it allows users to meet people who previously did not know each other. Not only that, users of this application can also join a group to discuss exciting things. Until now, the Tango app is still a favorite with an increasing number of users.


You can make video and voice calls via Imo by relying on 2G, 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi connectivity. In addition, you can create group chats for just a variety of photos and videos. Even Imo is an application that does not require a large storage capacity on the phone. Interestingly, Imo has stickers with cute characters to share with fellow users. It can be said, Imo is the best video call application that provides a full range of features.


Hangouts is a chat application under the auspices of Google that also provides a video call feature. You could say this application also includes "Apple Face Time" belonging to Android devices. Not only can it be used to make video calls, Hangouts also includes features for sending messages and making voice calls.

Interestingly, this application is almost on par with Skype. So, when a user makes a video call with Hangouts via cellphone, the other person can answer it via a laptop. Well, because this application is part of Google, you can get it for free through the Play Store.

Kakao Talk

Kakao Talk is a multi-platform chat application that you can download on Android, iOS, and BlackBerry phones. This popular application has more than 150 million users spread all over the world, especially in the Asian region. In fact, one of the reasons why many people like this application even more is because Kakao Talk offers a video call feature. Not only that, this application also features group chats, voice filters, and support for Android Wear. You can get the Kakao Talk application for free through the Google Play Store.


You could say this application is a competitor of WhatsApp and Line which both provide video call and chat facilities. Through WeChat users can make voice calls or chat in groups. In fact, WeChat claims that the video call facilities offered are of the highest quality in the world.

With this application, users can connect with friends, lovers, and even family who are abroad. Even when the internet connection is unstable, you can switch to using chat communication or voice calls. So far, WeChat has been downloaded more than 100 million times via the Google Play Store.

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