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The Best Whatsapp Story Download Application for Android and iPhone Phones

ketosublime  The Best Whatsapp Story Download Application for Android and iPhone Phones

Like other social media and messenger applications, WhatsApp has a Status or Story feature to share certain moments with fellow users. Through this feature, you can share anything from funny to impressive things. In fact, not infrequently the moments that are shared through status actually attach the relationship because they exchange messages with each other.

application download story waImage via But what happens if there is a contact friend's status that you want to download because it is very interesting? You can just ask your contact friends directly if you are familiar enough. If you are reluctant, there is another alternative in the form of a WA story download application that can download statuses in just seconds. Here are the recommendations for 10 WhatsApp story download applications that you must try.

1. Status Saver for WhatsApp WA Want to save the status of friends that appear but are reluctant to ask for it directly? Relax, there is a Status Saver for WhatsApp WA that you can install for free via the Google Play Store.

Its small size is less than 4 MB so it is very light and has been downloaded hundreds of millions of times by Android users. So far, the Status Saver application for WhatsApp WA has received positive feedback because it is easy to use. You can save all status formats posted by WA contacts at any time. From GIFs to photos to videos, everything can be downloaded in one click. Interestingly, this application is also compatible with older Androids starting from OS 4.1 and above, you know. Have you tried it or not?

2. Download Status for WhatsApp The next WA story download application is Download Status for WhatsApp. Tens of millions of users like this application because it has a unique and attractive user interface. In it there is even a built-in main feature that allows you to view chat history that has been deleted by friends. In short, the application with a size of 4.4 MB is very practical. No need to bother sorting and selecting the status to be downloaded because there is a Multi Selection feature so you can download multiple statuses at once. Apart from being easy to use, Status Download for WhatsApp is also 100% free.

3. Download Whatstatus Has been downloaded millions of times, no need to hesitate anymore to use Download Whatstatus. Although it was only released in 2020, this application is trusted by Android users because it offers an anti-complicated status download service. From the first time you open the app, the homepage will immediately show you which status options you want to download. Want something more practical? You can auto-save all the statuses that appear. But if you want to review before downloading, this application provides a full screen preview so you can choose to repost, download, or share the status. It's not just a tool to download the status of all formats, Download Whatstatus even provides a service to restore chat history that has been removed, you know.

4. Story Saver for WhatsApp As the name implies, Story Saver for WhatsApp will help you save stories posted by WhatsApp friends easily. Don't be surprised when you find out that the users of this application have reached tens of millions because the developers offer different main features.

Story Saver for WhatsApp is claimed to be able to view stories even after 24 hours, you know. Because the user interface is very interactive, you won't be confused even if it's your first time using an application like this. Don't worry it will burden your favorite smartphone because Story Saver for WhatsApp is only 5.2 MB in size.

5. WAMR More than 50 million users have proven the effectiveness of WAMR as a highly recommended WA story download application. Yes, this application works very well as a place to backup all the stories in your WhatsApp account. Even uniquely, when friends or family delete a sent message, WAMR will immediately notify you. All message formats in your WA story can be restored with WAMR by simply activating it.

To download the status of your contact friends, WAMR also provides a special tab that is easy to access and use.

6. Save Video Status for WhatsApp Meski namanya ‘Save Video’, aplikasi yang satu ini adalah salah satu aplikasi download story WA tidak hanya untuk format video saja kok melainkan juga bisa untuk mengunduh format status foto atau image. Dengan ukuran 5.7 MB, Save Video Status for WhatsApp menyediakan pemutar video HD bawaan yang bisa kamu andalkan kapan saja. Tak heran Save Video Status fir WhatsApp sering diandalkan oleh pengguna Android karena user interface-nya yang simple. Cukup buka aplikasi dan tonton status yang ingin diunduh, pilih salah satu atau multiple, lalu klik ikon download yang tersedia. 

You can directly check the results in the smartphone gallery.

7. Status Saver for WhatsApp – Download Status Story Calm down, there are still recommendations for other WA story download applications. Status Saver for WhatsApp – Download Status Story must be included in the list this time because it has a positive rating on the Google Play Store. Not without reason, this one application is indeed claimed to be agile, safe, and not to forget 100 free, aka without a penny. From the list of statuses available in your WhatsApp Status tab, you only need to choose which part to download in one click using this application. After that you can also view the download history through the saved status tab in this application. Very easy isn't it?

8. Status, Sticker Saver Somewhat different concept from the others, this time the WA story download application can also save stickers while exploring other sticker collections. Yes, not only status, you will also get a collection of cute and unique stickers from this application. Its easy navigation makes Status, Sticker Saver has been downloaded by millions of Android users through the Play Store.

9. WhatSaga WhatSaga is included in the row of the most popular WA story download applications so that it has a very satisfying rating. How not because besides being able to be used to download status, WhatSaga has a status update service with a long duration or more than 15 seconds, you know. Are you one of the users?

10. Status Saver Application download story that is no less recommended is Status Saver. This application server is so smooth that it has tens of millions of loyal users. Its features are generally the same as other applications but are superior because they provide WA web support. For those of you who don't like complicated applications with complex menus, Status Saver is the right choice.

Those are the recommendations for 10 WA story download applications that can be used as much as you want for free. All of the applications above have been proven to get trusted ratings so they are safe and free of scams. Only by using the application, now you can save statuses, stickers, and even view chat history deleted by WhatsApp friends who are often fun. I hope this information can help you.

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