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Wow!!! OnePlus 9 Pro review announces it's going official to Apple

ketosublime Wow!!! Ulasan OnePlus 9 Pro mengumumkan itu akan resmi ke Apple

OnePlus 9 Pro Review

That's why the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro will officially become Apple, announcing the same day on March 23 it is rumored to be announcing their product line up. This struggle has the potential to steal.

The OnePlus Thunder is loved by tech journalists Apple products and OnePlus 9 Pro content But Apple may have been buried in a pile of goodies that day. But unlike last time, OnePlus didn't change the launch date, March 23.

Anyway, OnePlus has been able to generate some hype.

Thanks to Hasselblad for the OnePlus 9 Pro Partnership. You see a known fact from them The OnePlus product line over the years is that the company knows how to win the strategy game, which means you won't find any OnePlus smartphone lacking on paper. but the camera department has been one of the heels of the Achilles OnePlus product line time and time again.

OnePlus 9 Pro

ketosublime  OnePlus 9 Pro

OnePlus phones have come under scrutiny for less than stellar photography, though good hardware on paper. even with the speed of the trajectory in pricing, the company does not

Made similar improvements in Camera Quality, a key aspect of premium hardware.

But OnePlus wants to change it OnePlus 9 Pro. company announced

three year long term partnership with

Hasselblad's Leading Camera Brand

and has spent more than $150 million to upgrade

OnePlus phone photography capabilities.

Now the company is showing some camera samples

Hasselblad tunes in to the OnePlus 9 Pro. First

OnePlus CEO announced that he is

The dedicated Sony IMX789 sensor will be used

exclusive to the company. you don't go

Look for this sensor in other companies' phones.

The sensor will support 4K video recording

Hasselblad over 120fps has helped OnePlus

Tune color reproduction. company says

oneplus 9 pro true to life color thank you

ketosublime OnePlus 9 Pro review

For natural color calibration with Hasselblad.

The phone can also take 12bit RAW images. in

principle, it should allow "professional"

photographer" to make complex edits.

and seen from the camera sample

The OnePlus 9 Pro Definitely Looks Like It Hasselblad

Partnership slightly increases credibility

What's lacking in OnePlus' efforts to improve the camera

demonstration. But it's about these photos

taken from a professional photographer and there

There is no information about what equipment they use

Take this photo so I guess we have to wait

Until the unit review comes out to see if it doesn't

This fancy logo is for marketing purposes only

Or does it really make a difference.

Anyway, we also have some official renders

From the OnePlus 9 Pro. sounds like a phone

Black will be available in three colors

Silver and Green while the regular OnePus 9 will

Available in purple, blue and black colors.

from the front, it will stay the same

The OnePlus 8 was released last year.

Also Samsung and Apple, OnePlus

Will include a charger in the box.

Not just a regular charger but a giant 65W

Charger in the box. he's kinda

Relief in this day and age when others

Manufacturers are starting to overtake chargers.

By the way, OnePlus should improve

The battery capacity is also still 4500mAh which is

less than what competitors offer but

On the plus side, it looks like a current LTPO

Just like us on the Galaxy S21 Ultra

There is a variable refresh rate to save battery.

So in theory this means the phone should be

Better battery life than the OnePlus 8 Pro.

Of course, come on

I know what you think about this

in the comments and as usual I

See you tomorrow... peace!

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