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Applications that can produce the best pulses for Android and iPhone phones

If you know how, you can enjoy free credit sources from many places. One source that is often used is with a pulse-producing application. This application is able to help you get free credit or even become an additional source of money.

Applications that can produce the best pulses for Android and iPhone phones

Pulsaimage -producing application via

Well, for those of you who want to know what are the applications, here is a list of the recommended free pulse -producing applications:

Free Credit

The first pulse -producing application is free pulse. This application requires you to register and on that account you can collect points that can be exchanged into pulses.

To get a point, you just share with friends to use this application. Next, you join the contests available here. During winning the contest, you will get a point. This contest is provided by large companies such as Amazon and other large. So the value can also be large enough.

Slide pop

This application can be assessed as the fastest pulse-producing application. Compared to free pulses, you can collect points to become credit by doing more tasks.

The contest cannot be a reliable source, so the choice in Popslide is much better. Unfortunately, this choice of task involves more effort. Starting from downloading applications that are referred, answer quizzes, fill in the application review and many more. If you don't have a problem with more business in order to get free credit, Pop Slide can be an application to get free choices.

Toluna Survey

According to his name, you can get free credit after filling out a survey from Toluna Survey. Usually companies and business people need input from the wider community for some decisions.

Using this platform, you can help the company and get a reward in the form of credit. There are a lot of surveys here and can be chosen according to your taste.


Just like Toluna Survey, surveyons also use the same concept. The difference, surveyon has a connection with many international companies.

For those of you who can be foreign languages, filling out the survey from outside is quite profitable. Points obtained from foreign companies are far higher than Indonesian surveys. You can definitely get more credit from here.

whaff reward

The Whaff Reward application gives credit as long as you want to do certain tasks in this application. When compared, Whaff Reward functions the same as a pop slide, the difference lies in the money obtained.

Whaff Reward uses Baseline US Dollar as a gift. So usually, this reward depends on the rupiah and US dollar exchange rate. Because you can immediately get money and not a point, you can get more value than here.


Just like many other pulse applications, Cashtree provides certain tasks to be exchanged into coins. Later you can exchange this coin back into credit.

The difference is, the task of Cashtree is more broadly serving various providers. You can use Indosat, XL, Telkomsel and other cellulars and still be able to enjoy credit from this application.


This pulse -producing game application invites you who have registered to do several tasks in order to get free credit. The task given by this free pulse application is struggling on watching videos, reading articles, writing articles, spreading articles, leaving likes and even giving comments.

The more tasks you complete, the greater the credit reward that you can enjoy. During collecting points, not infrequently you will find video content or entertaining articles. So this task will not be difficult.


Applications that can produce pulses work similar to cubic, but are more focused on articles. After registering with this application, you will immediately be given the target of the task to do.

Most of these targets are reading articles, sharing articles and inviting friends to do the same. As long as you can meet the task target quota, you will get a fairly large credit value. If you are lucky, you can enter the lottery and win millions of Rupiah credit here.

Keep in mind that the application options above do not always provide a large pulse value. You must be able to do many of the tasks given if you want to enjoy significant credit. But because you can still get free credit, you will definitely benefit.

That's all about the recommendations for free credit-generating applications. Hopefully the above discussion can be useful for you. Thank you for reading this article!

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