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Best Mobile Phone Tracking Apps for Android and iPhone Best Mobile Phone Tracking Apps for Android and iPhone

Of course, the problem of losing a cell phone is natural. Whether you forgot to put it away, lost it or someone took it. Your mobile phone will be difficult to find Best Mobile Phone Tracking Apps for Android and iPhone

Best Mobile Phone Tracking Apps for Android and iPhone

Image tracking software via

Sometimes simply pressing the phone is not enough. For more information on tracking your mobile phone's location. Simply install the mobile application. Here are some special cell phone tracking apps you can try for Android and iOS:

at a glance

Glympse is a group placement program. As the owner of the mobile phone, you can create groups in the app. This group receives status and location updates from your mobile phone. You can enable things like location and search notifications.

So if you have Best Mobile Phone Tracking Apps for Android and iPhoneost your cell phone then you need to contact one of the other team members. They can see the status and location of your mobile phone live.

google find my device

This app is particularly known for being an app from Google to find lost cell phones. As long as you register your device with your Google Account, you can use this application immediately.

All you have to do is open the Find My Device website and the phone data will appear there. The map shown is highly developed. And it can also do remote locking from this browser.

where is my robot

This mobile number tracking application is only for android. This app has many features as compared to Google Find My Device.

This application can be set to sound when the mobile phone is activated. If you don't hear it, the location information is sent through your browser.

You can see the mobile page there. For more features you can create a SIM Monitor to check whether the SIM card has been changed or not.

Jeevan 360

This app was launched as an all-in-one location app. You can access it from your browser to check the process. This program will test the connection to the website at any time. You will be able to see the movement of the HP page on the navigation map on the web page.

An interesting feature of this application are emergency calls. In case of emergency you can press a special button in the app and an emergency signal will sound. You can also enter emergency numbers like ambulance or police. for call facility

family safe

This program is designed to spy on children and other family members. This application can be entered in the mobile phone and parents can check the location information.

In addition to notifying the location of the mobile phone, the application can also be used for other monitoring systems, for example the possibility of sending notifications when a mobile phone enters a restricted website. (Gambling and Adult Content) It should be noted that the mobile phones that this app monitors will be jailbroken.

track view

The last option is Track View. This app is available for both Android and iOS devices. The functionality of this program is basically the same as someone else's tracking. The difference lies in the additional features available.

This feature includes an IP camera that sends video from a lost mobile phone in a stream. With these features motion detection and sound detection so you can see the situations around your mobile phone to help you locate it.

I share

Using this program as a positioning tool initially, for example, going abroad with 4 friends, you can go anywhere without the fear of getting lost.

Location updates are done in groups and you can also contact group members directly from this application. Its use can be similar to that of a radio.

Here is a discussion of 8 alternatives for mobile phone tracking applications that you can try. We hope that you have found this discussion helpful. Thank you for reading this article!

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