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Best Unfunded Halal Fundraising Apps for Android and iPhone Best Unfunded Halal Fundraising Apps for Android and iPhone

Some of you might be wondering how well Money App Results will work. The platform's popularity has grown amid increasingly uncertain economic conditions. However, since the outbreak of COVID-19, you still need to be careful in choosing the loan program that you will use to avoid further losses.

Best Unfunded Halal Fundraising Apps for Android and iPhone

money earning app

These types of apps are commercially available in game stores. If you are using an Android smartphone, here are some money making tips that you can try as an additional source of income.

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As its name suggests, this money laundering apk requires you to read some articles that contain news or other content. Baca Plus gives you a bonus if you perform certain tasks. Plus, you don't have to pay to install it on your device. your mobile phone

The benefits offered by Baka Plus are not just for easy roles. However, you will also find ads that are a bit heavy and annoying.

pop cash

likes to play? You can think of CashPop as not only fun but it can also make you money. Besides finding fun games, you can also invite friends to chat with them. The cash flow you earn will continue to work even when the phone screen is turned off.

As a money-making programming game, CashPop has been adapted to Indonesian culture. However, before you can exchange them for certain rewards, you'll have to fight hard by collecting a certain amount of points.


Then there's Appnana, which invites you to do something to earn money. Call it an exciting game to download some software that leads you to rewards. There are so many options that Appnana is one of my favorite software to earn extra money.

Those who have a lot of free time can set up Appanana to get rid of boredom. Make sure you understand the game's instructions and the English language interface which directly benefits this account.

appKarma Rewards & Gift Cards

The name of this app is very unique and long. In fact, AppKarma Rewards and Gift Cards have a similar workflow to other names. You will still be rewarded with money. After installing some software is also included. The amount will keep increasing even after few days are left in the application.

The tasks offered in the Karma Rewards & Gift Cards app are easy and fun. There are a number of ways to redeem rewards that can be used, however, the first auction for a no-funds halal fundraising app is much more.

cash for app

More than 10 million android users download this fastest app platform to earn money. It is inseparable from the way it works, which is easy for beginners to master. You'll only need to install a certain number of apps and Cash for Apps will then financially reward you for each app you install.

Like the Karma Rewards and Gift Cards app, Cash for Apps offers a variety of redemption methods. However, when you're in the process of exploring, the large number of ads in English that appear in Cash for Apps can be quite distracting.


Finally, there is WhatsApp, which you can set up as an app to earn money for Rs. This unique program takes you on an adventure in beautiful places. This is because WhatsApp asks you to upload a photo. While traveling to earn points, you should also make sure that the uploaded photos can compete with the competitors in this app.

The interesting concept makes WhatsApp attractive to users interested in photography, however, you have to work harder by creating high quality and meaningful images to get well deserved rewards from WhatsApp.

Here is a list of the best money back apps for Android that we can offer. Hope it will be useful as a source of extra income!

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