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Popular Best Mobile Video Editing Apps for Android and iPhone Popular Best Mobile Video Editing Apps for Android and iPhone

The best mobile video editing app for Android and iPhone

Do you have a hobby or desire to edit videos? Because at the moment the trend of vlogging or taking a video and then loading it is very similar. So nowadays there are many better video editing apps that you can use to edit different types of videos.

Popular Best Mobile Video Editing Apps for Android and iPhone

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Luckily, all of the best mobile video editing apps out there can be downloaded free of charge term video editing can still create videos with either a video editing app on Android or iPhone.

Well, what's the recommendation of a video editing app that doesn't have the best brands of water to use while inside? Here are some of them:


Often you must have heard about the best video editing app, Filmorago, right? Among Android users, this app is popular and can be used to edit videos with great results. Even when using this filmorago, you can produce videos like vloggers on YouTube.

With this best video editing app, you can download it directly to social networks or save it in advance in your smartphone gallery. Filmorago already has links to some social networks automatically so, of course, it's very easy for those of you who want to download them directly to social networks.


Among Android users, this Android video editor app is a highly recommended app as it has been recognized and received many awards in the field of video edition. This application can also be downloaded for free through the Play Store.

There are about 50 themes that you can use to edit videos with unlimited video lengths so you can also edit videos that are 1-2 hours long. For those of you who need a smaller video size, you can also press with this application, however, the video quality will still be good.


If you are looking for an Android video editing app, Kinemaster is also one of those apps that you can go for. This is not much different from some of the Android video editing applications mentioned above, when you use kinemaster, there will be many menus and characteristics that you can use to beautify your video edition and keep it natural and not overwhelming.

Kinemaster is a lightweight application, so you rarely experience traffic jams when saving edited videos. For those of you who need an Android video editing application that doesn't load the phone, of course, this kinemaster can be a good choice.


For those of you who like to edit videos directly from your smartphone, you must have heard of Vivavideo. When you search for a video editing application on mobile, this vivavideo will immediately appear one of the recommended applications, it shows that there are many people who use video editing applications on this mobile.

Like Kinemaster, Vivavideo is also easy to use and obstacles rarely appear when editing or store editing. The characteristics it contains are soft and easy to use to edit various videos to make them more attractive.

Therefore, our list of the best video editing apps can be recommended. It can be useful!

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