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The best photo editing app for Android phone and iPhone  The best photo editing app for Android phone and iPhone

The best photo editing apps are now sought after after considering that social networks are on the rise. In addition, publishing photos on social networks seems to be a mandatory habit.

The best photo editing app for Android phone and iPhone

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Unfortunately, not everyone has the ability to produce good photographic photos. Therefore, it is impossible to put Rawer photos on social networks. In general, people will edit with a photo editor application so that the photo quality is more perfect.

Especially now that many contemporary photo editing applications have emerged that can be used to drop, merge, light or apply filters to photos so that the quality of the photos is then more attractive. Here are some types of Android and iOS photo editing apps that should be used.


Who does not know Picart. For those who like to edit photos via mobile phones, they are certainly very familiar with this application. This Android photo editing application offers a variety of interesting features, such as photo editing, adding filters and there is also a drawing function so that you can paint any sketch or image on the screen of the phone.

Picart also offers picture collages where you can take photo collages that combine several photos together in a frame. There are many variations of collages to choose from according to taste and needs. Then add a frame, text or sticker to make it look more attractive.


The first contemporary photo editing application that is now widely used is Lightroom. It can be said that Lightroom is a complete application as it offers a wide range of conveniences and complete characteristics.

One of the advantages is that where you can make edits of predefined alias photos and then save them, so you don't have to edit once again because you only need to apply preconceived notions, the photos will automatically change automatically According to the set configuration previously applied.

You can play with effects like contrast, shadow, reflex, saturation and more. All of these characteristics are characteristic of the professional edition, but packaged in an easy-to-understand interface. There's also a camera built in that provides various proportions if you really want to take photos via the app's camera.


In addition, the second contemporary photo editing application is VSCO. VSCO is also quite used by users of social networks, especially Instagram, where VSCO offers various filters that will change the quality of the most attractive photos.

Not only filter problems can also do other photo editions, such as sharpening image quality, brightness, etc. Similarly, Lightroom, through this VSCO, can also save filter configurations so that they can be applied directly to other photos to be more efficient because there is no need to manually edit one by one.


Snapsheed is also one of the great photo editing apps that is no less interesting. Several characteristics support the photo editing process like a professional. The difference is that the photo editing process is only carried out via a mobile phone or smartphone.

Al igual que la aplicación de edición de fotos de la boda en general, Snapsheed también ofrece una variedad de características, como administrar el brillo, el contraste, la nitidez de la imagen, la saturación y otros. También puede guardar los resultados de la edición de fotos para que más tarde se pueda aplicar a otra foto para que el proceso de edición de fotos sea más rápido. Snapsheed también ofrece una característica para eliminar el fondo y el tamaño de la foto encogido. Esta aplicacion de edicion de fotos de fondo azul es muy interesante, verdad?


Of the many photo editing applications, it can be said that Picsay is the application with the smallest size. But don't take it lightly because even though the size of the application is light, the features offered are complete and according to standards like most photo editing applications.

You can adjust brightness, saturation, hue and more. What is identical from Picsay is the existence. You can also add doodles, stickers and text. After that you can do cropping or add frames. Picsay offers both free and paid versions, making it easier for users to choose which one suits their needs.

Of the several types of cool photo editing applications above, of course, you can choose according to your needs. Especially if you really want photo quality like posts that hit Instagram, some of the recommendations for the celebrity photo editing application above are indeed worthy of being the right choice.

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