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The best screen recorder app for Android HP and iPhone  The best screen recorder app for Android HP and iPhone

Advances in technology enhance various applications with attractive features. One of them is a screen recorder application. This app is also used by YouTuber Gamers to record the games they play.

The best screen recorder app for Android HP and iPhone

LayariMage Recorder app via

Apart from laptops or computers, this screen recording application is also available for smartphones. Well, for those of you who are looking for an HP screen recorder application, these 8 best applications can be recommended.

du screen recorder

DU Screen Recorder is one of the most popular mobile screen recorder apps. Not without reason why this application is downloaded by many smartphone users. Because, DU Screen Recorder has various interesting features that you can use easily.

With this application you can record smartphone screen in just one touch without having to do any other settings. Regarding resolution, this application can record with quality results. Interestingly, there is an editing feature in this application. You will also be spoiled by the live streaming feature of the DU screen recorder app.

AZ screen recorder

If you are looking for a screen app with the best results and no watermark, AZ Screen Recorder is a highly recommended app. With a simple appearance but with a lot of customization, this app is packed with interesting features that you can use for free.

Mobizen screen recorder

One of the apps that received an award by Google in 2016 is the best screen notes app that you can download. If you want high resolution videos with clear quality, this app is the solution.

The highest quality of video recording using Mobizen screen recorder can be full HD 1080 pixels. In addition, you can use interesting features in this application. Guaranteed not to regret if you use Mobizen screen recorder.


The XRecorder app is a product of Inshot which has been renowned for being reliable in video editing apps for Android. But, that is not the main point why this app is highly recommended for you.

Different from other apps, Xrecorder allows you to do unlimited recordings. Of course this is very useful when used to record the games you play.

Another interesting thing is the ease of saving videos with a resolution that you can adjust to your needs. You can use this app for free or for free.

Screen Recorder Games

As the name suggests, this best screen recorder application is suitable for those of you who like to play mobile cod games, PUBG Mobile, for mobile legends. Besides being able to produce videos with good quality, the game screen recorder application is also equipped with interesting features. One of them is the automatic game detection feature.

Now for those of you who want to add a video prologue, you can also make it in this application. With a myriad of interesting features it has, screen recorder game is a must on your smartphone.

Background video recorder

If you need a multifunctional recording app, background video recorder is the right choice. With an application that records through the smartphone background, you can tap on the activity of the smartphone owner.

In fact, you can set this app up automatically! This auto-recording feature allows you to customize the recording duration, time, and date of the note. Very interesting right?

Google Play Games

Recording the HP screen does not have to use additional applications. Even you can use the default app on your smartphone. Namely through Google Play games.

The screen recording feature in the Google Play Games application is very beneficial for those of you who don't have a lot of space on your cellphone. So you can record gameplay without having to add new apps.

Super Screen Recorder

Super Screen Recorder has almost the same features as XRecorder. That is, it allows you to record without a time limit.

In addition, there are many interesting features that you can access through this application. The most interesting thing, you can add a watermark that indicates ownership of the video.

Thus the list of the best screen recorder applications that we can recommend. May be useful!

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